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Our company creates and commercializes products with a special touch. 

We are market leaders in private label, production and commercialization of cotton products for personal use and health care, providing the highest quality standards.

A fifty-year experience in the field has allowed us not only to be one of the most well-known brands in Colombia, but also to export to different countries in Central and South America.

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Fifty-year experience


We are currently recognized as a trusted brand for homes and institutions, thanks to our long history and experience. Our products are available in the main chain stores in Colombia as well as in hospitals and clinics, among other distributors.

Our quality and service have taken us beyond borders. We are within the reach of our customers in South and Central America in countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Barbados and El Salvador.

  • Costa Rica
  • Panamá
  • Ecuador
  • Barbados
  • El Salvador


To offer cotton solutions, made with specialized processes , based on strategic relationships and dynamic processes with our allies.



By 2022, we will be a sustainable company, the owner of innovative cotton-product choices that foster the creation of new categories and strengthen our brands.



  • Service-oriented attitude
  • A culture of continuous improvement
  • Respect


We specialize in production and commercialization of products for personal use and health care, meeting the highest quality standards to satisfy our customers’ needs. We are highly committed to continuous improvement in order to achieve profitability, development and sustainable growth.


Our client's satisfaction is supported by our service, the ISO 9001 Quality Certification. We are the only cotton manufacturer in Colombia holding the ICONTEC NTC 2209 quality certification. We also have the endorsement of IQnet, a global-coverage organization, which allows us to reach new and growing international markets.  Our products are manufactured under quality systems and hygiene procedures that guarantee the consumer´s safety. Our processes follow regulations that guarantee compliance with our clients and consumers´ requirements.



Sustainability means finding a balance between financial growth, social development and environmental care. To be sustainable is to act in a responsible way in the present while thinking of the future.

How do we work at Higietex seeking sustainable development?

  • We prioritize environmental protection in all our research and development processes.
  • We reuse the waste in our production processes. According to our recycled-product indicator, the company reuses 75 % of its waste, one of the highest percentages of the industry.
  • We have a water treatment system.
  • We produce low levels of pollutant emission.
  • We implement teamwork with sustainability-expert advisors to make our organization processes increasingly greener.
  • We are an inclusive and equitable company, in which men and women work in teams with equality of conditions, rights and benefits.
  • Higietex is part of Valuary capital fund, Valuary is certified as company B, a group of organizations that work under high social, environmental and transparency standards.
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